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HomeThe "Honey Man"

Do you know the "honey man" ?
​The "honey man" ?
Yes "the"  honey man who lives in Snellville, GA.
They call me the "honey man" name is Edward.   My family and I moved to Snellville in 
1996 all the way from the windy city of Chicago, IL.   We've embraced the community and became 
mesmerized by the rich history of the South. 

Apiculture  has always been a strong interest of mine, and since the kids have grown up, I decided to 
pursue this hobby and fascination of bees. The more I read and studied these wonderful creatures, the more I loved everything about them.  I started planting a variety of flowers and  fruit trees like apple, pear and peach trees. Also acacia trees and cold weather palm trees; a small variety compared to the Tulip Poplar majority in the Snellville area.   In the summer time, I have lavender, sage, clover and sun flowers.
One hive hobby turned into a small family business which has gotten all of us committed to better health.

I started participating as a vendor at the Snellville Farmers' Market in 2010 and continue to enjoy expanding hives, collecting pollen and harvesting honey.  Honey wine is a product in process which will be a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving table. 

Honey bees have a huge impact on our agriculture and our health.

The bees travel miles away from their hives to forage pollen, so residents of Snellville and surrounding areas who consume this "raw honey" have noticed a decrease in seasonal allergy symptoms.  Raw honey has many other health benefits noticeable with continuous, long term use.

Stop by my booth on Saturdays and taste the sweetest "raw" honey available in Snellville.

"Honey Man"